​People Are Trolling Kim Kardashian’s Latest Photo In Hilariously Creative Ways

Kim Kardashian West ‏

Kim Kardashian West ‏

Kim Kardashian convinced does place a great deal of pictures of herself, does not she? However, like us, they are not the right forward ones many of us mere mortals have a tendency to post you understand, our partners in the bar, or the puppy doing something adorable and funny.

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Nope, Kim K enjoys to be certain things are pretty bizarre, as exhibited in her most recent post.

Sprawled out on her bed showing off her Yeezy Butter 350s, she tickles the picture Like butter.

Some people likened it to a crime scene:

Others said it looked EXACTLY like what happened when the Toy Story toys have to play dead whenever Andy comes back in the room:

Others Photoshopped her onto a Twister mat, or into the finish-line at the San Francisco marathon, or knocked out cold by Muhammad Ali,or compared her to a photo of an old lady that’s just fallen out of bed…

This one’s probably my favourite though:

It’s not the first time Kim’s snaps have provoked a bit of a backlash on social media. Ohhh no, far from it.

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Earlier this year she wound people up when she posted a photo of herself wearing nothing but a thong and a fur coat.

Even Piers Morgan got involved that time, saying on Good Morning Britain: “When you become a mother again, things don’t change. You’ve become a mother again, you’re in your mid to late 30s, it’s your third child… ‘I know what I’ll do, I’ll put a big topless photo of myself on social media’.”
More recently, she also faced criticism when she stripped off to promote her new perfume. While some defended the reality star, saying that women should be able to ‘show and do anything they want with their own body’, many were left wondering what her nudity had to do with the product she was promoting, and urged her to ‘be classy’.

Mind you, in spite of all of that, she’s probably got the last laugh… given that she reportedly made $5m in just five minutes after another recent perfume launch for Kimoji, which comes in Cherry, Peach and ‘Vibes’.

Yep, that’s more than you’ll probably ever make in your lifetime in just 300 quick little seconds. Soz.