Halloween 2018 Sequel is Reportedly in Development in Blumhouse


Before the movie’s launch, speculation abounds that Blumhouse is currently gearing up for a sequel to 2018’s Halloween movie. The movie, due out this month, fully resets the deadline. As fans of this show know, the first has been followed up with a sequel and things started to get complex. So this time around, they are largely ignoring another sequel and beginning from where things left off from the first

Green and McBride, together with producer Jason Blum, have spoken at length about the movie, talking about the option to alter the continuity in addition to the way that they determined upon the name. The yield of initial celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis to the job, combined with the favorable responses outside of TIFF, have ignited talks of a direct follow-up.

The socket cites unnamed sources that consider that Green and McBride won’t be on board this time around, despite formerly hinting that they desired to keep things moving. What is more, the socket supposes that, if Blumhouse kicks things into gear, this movie could hit theaters only a year after its predecessor only in time to get its 2019 Halloween season.

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Since the socket notes, this would not be uncommon for Blumhouse. In case Halloween is powerful (since the box office forecasts indicate it is going to be), it’d make sense to keep the ball rolling and churn out another strike whenever possible.

Needless to say, that depends upon what happens from the still to be published 2018 movie. Laurie Strode is rear, and she is harder than previously. Having spent 40 years awaiting the afternoon that Michael Myers returned appears unlikely that she will be removed. John Carpenter, who wrote and directed the first, has awarded the 2018 movie his seal of acceptance and even written the score. Now, there does not appear to be anything in the manner of a different Blumhouse hit, provided that they can find a good writing and directing period solved.