4 Of The Most Effective Gravity Defying Butt Exercises

Gravity Defying Butt

If you want a gravity-defying butt, you do not need much. Just your body weight, and a few small dumbbells if you’re so inclined. We have gathered a few of the best gravity-defying butt exercises which you can do in your home, so let’s get working!

1.A Simple Curl

Lie down on your stomach, resting your face on your palms which are folded in front of you. Squeeze a dumbbell (or a small water bottle) supporting your right knee, along with your foot flexed upwards. Make sure that you tuck your pelvis, so you flatten your lower spine, and then lift your bent right leg several inches off the floor, hold for a second, and then lower. 20 reps of them and you will feel that your glutes were burning! Make sure that you switch sides too, so your leg receives a bit of fun also.

2. The Bridge

This is a beautiful gravity-defying butt exercise which you can do both using your body weight, and using some that will assist you to get your sweat on! Lift your buttocks off the ground until your body, and your upper thighs create a straight line. Hold for a minute, then lower. Repeat this 20 times for the complete effect.

Gravity Defying Butt

If you believe this is simple and you wish to spice up things a little, try doing it in this way.

Lying in the same position, lift one foot high, with your feet pointing towards the ceiling and your left leg perpendicular to the floor. Lift your butt using only your pin (using the left still up in the atmosphere ), hold for a second, then lower. Repeat on the opposite side too, and try getting in over 12 repetitions each time.

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3. The Ballerina Pulse

This one’s my favorite gravity-defying buttocks workout. Then lift yourself in your toes, then lower your buttocks. When you reach your legs forming a 90-degree angle in the knees, begin pulsing. That usually means you bounce ever-so-lightly down and up while keeping your on-your-toes position. Try this for 20 seconds, and you will honestly feel the consequences (and shortly, see them also!).

4. Lateral Raise

To do this gravity-defying butt exercise, you will need some support, like a seat, or even a doorknob. Just stand with your toes put together. Raise your right leg onto the side as large as you can. Make sure your back is right to avert any unnecessary strain. Then decrease your leg, and repeat this another 19 times. You then do the same with your left leg- not only are you working your butt, but also the outside portion of your thighs.