7 Technologies That Will Become Extinct in Less Than 20 Years


feedstv.net_Technological advancement is the track was too fast. Sometimes without us even knowing, a great many new technologies that simplify our lives and make an awful lot of stuff that we have become obsolete.
Need not far, when there is a new smartphone brings the announcement of the latest features, Smartphones that we have now feels quaint and Hick already. But we just have it in some time.

The rate of any technology at all will not be makin it slows down and stops. Thus, technological advances will not be makin we realize. To the extent that, we will be outdated if not join the upgrade yourself. The following row of technology that will become extinct in less than 20 years old again, alerts you of Listverse.

1.The Cell Towers

The Cell Towers

The use of technology will be the more widespread. But in contrast to its use, physical technology thus makin shrink. Later, all the technology that requires broad will not be required. The cell towers is one of them. This is due to a technology in which between smartphone can communicate without any intermediaries cellular towers.

Qualcomm, a leading processor and modem manufacturers, is a party that is currently researching about this. In fact, Qualcomm is already working to develop Facebook applications together if the technology had been born.

This makes the presence of the cell towers will not be needed, given the shape of the tower is not so aesthetic to city planning.



The existence of such a remote remote TV, AIR CONDITIONING, etc., after this will not be needed. How not, gadget savvy at this time was able to connect via wifi. It means smartphones, mobile and gadget smartwatch, others can be used to replace the remote.

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No need to wait until a matter of decades, if Google is now Home and Amazon Alexa alone could’ve ruled the vote to turn off the lights, we could certainly easily shout out to turn on the AIR CONDITIONING by default in the future.

3.Credit Card

Credit Card

It first appeared due to the ease of credit card payment method. Credit cards have been popular since the first has not even fade away until now. However since first emerging credit card i.e. 70 years ago, there have been many other payment methods should be recognized more easily.

While this alone is already a myriad of payment applications such as OVO or Go-Pay from Gojek. Not to mention in the mini market and supermarkets now makin it easy to receive payment through electronic money that we already use to pay the toll.

What’s more, the flagship smartphone era has now been equipped only with payment and NFC beats Smartphones also easily done. Android Apple Pay, Pay, Pay, and a row of Samsung Bank and telecom providers also provide this service. Thus, the use of a credit card already had many alternatives easier.

In addition to credit cards, ATM will also makin terbayangi with the online banking. There have been many financial technology company that claims that the use of cashless has reached 91 percent, and when it has reached 100 per cent, ATMS will also be erased.

4.Physical Media

Physical Media

In the 90s, the emergence of the cassette tape CD displacing. The appearance of the DVD also displacing VHS and CD. But all of the physical media that we have ever felt in a couple of years ago will also be missing soon replaced internet.

Even a lot of people out there who never felt has a Blu-Ray player while Blu-Ray media has been reduced by the presence of streaming services like Netflix.

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Physical media are still strong to this day is the book. The pleasure of reading a book at the top of the sheet of paper is certainly not terganti though the digital format and the audio of the book has been very much. “Pleasure” this is what makes the current cassette tape, vinyl, and various physical media that has terganti is still maintained on the basis of nostalgia.

5.Smartphone Charger

Smartphone Charger

Currently, the Wireless charging is already a trend at the flagship smartphone. With this, we have no need to carry a charger with cable again. Even with only put it on a pad, do not make us feel pengecasan.

In the near future, even the use of Lithium-ion battery will already be terganti with FRS. This material will make the battery capacity so the greater and faster pengecasan. So we makin does not need the charger and when not mengecas mengecas feels like.

6.Conventional car

Conventional car

Surefire electric car so the future of the transportation world. It is characterized by the commitment of the big names from the automotive industry to plunge into the realm of electric cars.

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It is predicted at least we can see in a decade into the future, where the street would already be met by electric cars. For the moment only, in Western countries, even in Asia, there have been many users of electric cars from brands such as Tesla, mass produced Chevy Bolt, or a Nissan Leaf.

The big names of the automotive world had begun to turn their industry strategy to electric cars. Names such as GM, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedez-Benz, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, and VW, all will suppress the car konvensionalnya at least until the year 2023. After that, there’s only electric cars.


Wallet new generation

Maybe the wallet is not a technology. But what is in our wallets at the moment, it could’ve been ditrasnfer into our smartphone with ease. Later, because the wallet is something risky and too important to be lost, the smartphone will replace everything.

In the future, we will no longer carry a wallet, a smartphone can accommodate enough money, identification, vehicle insurance cards, letters, and more.

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