Dancing Doctor Brings Joy To Seriously Ill Children Who ‘Hadn’t Smiled In Days’


As they say,’laughter is the best medicine’.

1 physician from California is carrying this ethos one step farther, not just treating his patients clinically but cheering them up by getting down and breaking a movement.

In an effort to raise the spirits of a few of his patients following a surgery, 42-year-old Tony, from Orange County, chose to split into dance. Ever since that time he’s been shaking his moneymaker, along with his dance is now an essential component of his methods of therapy.

Insisting grinning and becoming more interactive is’stronger’ than a pain drugs, Tony bops, shimmies and frolics with all his patients in the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), making him the nickname’Dancing Doc’.

Hoping to guard the’magic of youth’ in all his patients, regardless of a few of their conditions, Tony pledges to keep on dance throughout his medical profession.
Check out some of Tony’s moves here:

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