Reject the offer of Mexico, 7,000 Central American Immigrants Choose to U.S.. Asylum Search Path


The Government of Mexico offers about 7,000 thousand Central American immigrants applied for refugee status and lived in two countries the southernmost part of that country. However, they reportedly refused the offer and choose continue thousands of kilometres on foot towards the United States (us).

Quoted from NBC News on Sunday (28/10), President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto announced an initiative called “Estas en Tu Casa (” This is Your Home “in the language of Spain)”, which offers protection, medical care, schools, and jobs for Central American immigrants in the States of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

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Added by Pena Nieto that the immigrant petition for refugee status can be processed into berdokumen. Currently, related authorities in Mexico say there have been more than 1,700 applications submissions that come in, and it promised to take care of with as soon as possible.

However, nicknamed the immigrants travel Trailer–due to go on foot and aboard trucks–continues, following the refusal of the majority of groups of about an appeal route to the U.S. border security.

“Thank you!” cried they chose to reject an offer from Mexico, while resting in the town of Arriaga.

Still left about 1,000 miles (the equivalent of 1,601 kilometers) from the nearest U.S. border crossing in McAllen, Texas.

That trip could be twice as long if the camper immigrants headed toward the San Diego-Tijuana border, as do other groups earlier this year. Only about 200 people from the group who managed to reach the border.

So far, the emergence of the phenomenon of groups of immigrants from Central America continue to occur for many years “unwittingly” by the U.S. Government. This time, they got the broad spotlight due to the fierce penentanagn of President Donald Trump.

On Friday October 26, the Pentagon approved a request to increase the number of troops in the South of the border, possibly several hundred soldiers, to help the US Border Patrol.

Defense Minister Jim Mattis signed requests for assistance from the Ministry of internal security, and gave authority to the military staff to draw up details such as the size, composition and placement of the cost estimates, an official u.s. report ask not called names.

Meanwhile, the Government of Mexico had allowed immigrants to return on foot, but not give them food, shelter or the bathroom, unless they are willing to accept the offer of a “You Are Here”.

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Local police also drove out passengers who use the bus, go with the insurance policies impose a road that is not clear to make it more difficult to travel toward the U.S. border.

The authorities are also cracking down on small groups that are trying to catch up with the main Caravan troupe. About 300 people are citizens of Honduras and Guatemala were detained while South Mexico crossed the border illegally.