Who Don’t Know How To Cut Pineapples Should Buy This Machine



The Pinabar is the most innovative pineapple-slicer on the market nowadays, which can peel pineapples in just 20 seconds.

Prepare for really fresh pineapples, peeled right in front of your eyes. There is not any fresher substitute compared to that

The Pinabar has ceased power and may be fitted in several supermarket in the world like in Germany, Netherlands, This system attract customers to the brand new corner and let them experience.

Inserting only a pineapple and a bucket the machine is ready to be used.

Press the “Place Bucket” button to put bucket into the machine.

Press the “Press Start” button to operate the machine to cut the pineapple.

After a few seconds, the cut pineapple will fall into the bucket.

We can see clearly 4 pieces of pineapples in this bucket.

The Pinabar is a really easy-to-use machine and maximizing consumer experience. Inserting only a pineapple and a bucket the machine is ready to be utilized. With the press of one button that the client can view, through the door, the way the lemon is cut and fell to the bucket.

According to the inventors, this machine is easy to clean, by dismantling the blades and placing them in a washing machine. Also the machine can readily be moved around and due to its dimensions fits right alongside standard retail shelves.

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